Community Group AED

We have allocated funds from our Community Resuscitation Funds to provide a mobile ‘Community Group AED’ for use by groups at an organised event. These funds have been raised or donated by the Community for use in the Community.

Please contact us if you want to propose an event for us to loan it to you. Contact to arrange one of our volunteers to call you and arrange the loan for the duration of the event.

Portable AED in carry case ready to use

Don’t be scared – it’s simple!

We can provide Basic Life Support and Defibrillator awareness sessions.

Public access defibrillators are designed to be used by the public. When you switch the defibrillator on, it will provide clear instructions and talk you through what you need to do.

A defibrillator will not harm the person suffering a cardiac arrest and will only give them a shock if and when it is needed. There’s no reason to feel nervous about using a defibrillator – just follow its simple instructions, and know that using it could save someone’s life.

How to save lives with CPR