Penkridge Round Table

About Penkridge Round Table (Open Website)
Fun, friendship and trying something new and exciting, that’s what Round Table is all about. From sports to arts and nights out at restaurants to family social events, Round Table prides itself on giving its members the chance to embrace life to the full. There are many benefits to becoming a Round Tabler. Taking part in debate and organising functions and events will build leadership skills and give you public speaking abilities. Being a member of Round Table can help you enhance your personal strengths like no other organisation.

– We are extremely thankful to Penkridge Round Table, without their support PADCFR would not exist-

How Penkridge Round Table have helped Penkridge & District Community First Responders:
In August 2009, Leigh Rogers – the PADCFR founder and Duncan Parsonage – The WMAS Community Response Manager were invited to a Round Table business meeting. Leigh & Duncan explained how CFR scheme’s work and discussed how a group in Penkridge would benefit its local community.

Immediate Donation
Leigh & Duncan evidently won the support of the Table because just a few weeks later a donation of £460 was made, which was used to fund much needed medical equipment and allowed the group to begin to respond to 999 calls using Leigh’s own car.

Response Vehicle Sponsorship
A few months later, the Round Table made a very generous donation of £5,000. Most of this money was spent on purchasing and equipping a dedicated response vehicle – which was a 2003 Ford Mondeo. The vehicle was purchased from Cannock Motor Contracts who gave PADCFR a significant discount.

Ongoing Support
Our first year as a CFR group was very challenging indeed, and it would have been significantly more so had the Round Table not been on hand to offer their continued advice and support. Penkridge Round Table is made up of community minded people who work in a wide variety of industry and business. They are therefore an excellent asset to our community and one to which PADCFR owes a great deal. 

The Round Table have continued their support since the start of the scheme, most recently again helping with funding towards replacing our car with a new 4×4 that will give us greater flexibility in poorer weather conditions when delays to ambulances may make what we do even more important.