Staffordshire Aero Club and Otherton Airfield

About Staffs Aero Club ( Open Website )
Welcome to Staffordshire Aero Club and Otherton Airfield near Penkridge. They are one of the most active clubs in Staffordshire with Club Fly outs to many parts of the UK and Overseas and an active social programme.

They fly both Microlights and GA aircraft subject to any restrictions in runway length. They have their own club house which is open to all and can provide tea and coffee at weekends for those flying in. The airfield is a superb facility with 3 bi directional grass runways up to 330 metres all in good condition. There is a resident flying school on the field for both fixed wing and flex wing craft.

– We are extremely thankful to the members and visitors to Staffs Aero Club

How Staffs Aero Club have helped PADCFR:
The Aero Club has been one of PADCFR’s longest financial supporters. They do not charge landing fees to visitors but instead ask for a donation towards our lifesaving work.

Every now and again a cheque drops through our letter box and especially during our very early years, this really made a difference as to if we could actually afford to fill up with petrol and stay on the road!

Their members and visitors can therefore look down from on high and be proud they have helped save lives in the area below them for many years!