Staffordshire County Council

How Staffordshire County Council has helped Penkridge & District CFR’s(Open Website)
In December 2010, Cllr Veronica Downes donated £500 to Penkridge First Responders towards our running costs and helped us with our increasing response area that now included Huntington and Hatherton. Prior to the setting up of a separate CFR team for Cannock, Cllr Alison Spicer also assisted us.

Difficult to obtain funding towards running costs..

Many funding sources will only donate or award grants for tangible items such as medical equipment and protective clothing. Obtaining funds that are for running costs such as petrol and insurance is therefore very difficult. We are therefore very grateful to County Councillor David Williams (Penkridge & Huntington) who has helped us since 2014 through the use of the Staffordshire County Council Local Community Funds.

Cllr Williams has also assisted us to work with other community groups and parish councils to set up and maintain several of the public access heart defibrillators that we have not only in Penkridge but also in Huntington, Acton Trussell, Saredon and Four Ashes.

In addition, we would like to thank Cllr Mark Sutton (Brewood & Coppenhall) and Cllr Trish Rowlands (Stafford West) for helping us on several occasions to maintain our support for local people who find themselves involved in emergency situations throughout the Penk Valley

The Staffordshire Local Community Fund is an initiative which supports communities directly through local county councillors. Each councillor has up to £10,000 a year to allocate to groups and organisations in their division to provide and improve locally important services and promote community pride.