The National Lottery: BIG Fund

About The BIG Lottery fund  (Open Website)
The Big Lottery Fund (BIG) is responsible for delivering around half of all funds raised for good causes (14 pence of every pound spent on a Lottery Ticket) by The National Lottery. Since June 2004, BIG has awarded over �3.6bn to projects supporting health, education, environment and charitable purposes. Most of our funding is awarded to voluntary and community sector organisations.

The BIG Lottery fund can award grants up to a maximum of £10,000.

– The Lottery provided all of our advanced medical, radio and uniform equipment-

How the BIG lottery fund helped PADCFR:
In February 2010, PAD CFR benefitted from receiving a substancial grant from the BIG Lottery fund. This enabled us to install a specialist Terrafix navigation system as well as other medical diagnostic equipment.