New sites for donated lifesaving equipment

A super year for P&DCFR thanks to the support and generosity of our local community. Not only do we have our new car to stay operational in bad weather but are now able to help our secondary aim to add more 24/7 public access sites for heart defibrillators (AEDS) in the district.

This is possible though the  gift of three AEDS from family & friends in memory of former resident, Bob Ratcliffe, several more from WMAS “Staffordshire 1000” scheme plus special funding given to us that is restricted to “community resuscitation projects” such as cabinets and CPR/AED training.

The first new AED is already available  in Templars Way being accessible to Druids and Princefields areas. Two more will ‘go live’ this week – one will be outside “The Star” (with support from Round Table, Spoofers and customers) and the other at “The Swan at Whiston”  again with additional help from their customers.

Details of other sites will follow as they go live!

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