March News – 2 new members on the front line!

Welcome to two more new members of our front line team!
Holly has completed training and now doing a number of shifts with other CFRS before being able to respond independently to emergencies.
Amy is about to start her CFR training with WMAS and will then be able to join her parents Emma and Jim as a responder for the village.

If anyone is interested in joining us a CFR, then applications have to be made through NHS recruiting. However, for more information about us and the procedure, you are welcome to contact us –

You do not necessarily have to live in Penkridge to join us – our district includes Dunston and Acton Trussell for example – but need to be close enough to easily collect our car and equipment.

February News – Cannock Rotary Club Donation

Community Responders are entirely dependent on the generous help from our local community in order to provide our emergency support. We are therefore constantly looking for ways to raise funds and applying for grants.
What is always amazing is when we unexpectedly receive offers of support and donations from individuals and organisations. Not only does this help us financially but gives us a real ‘boost’ in knowing that what our volunteers do is really appreciated and recognised.

A special thanks therefore to the Rotary Club of Cannock which has several members in Penkridge for their generous donation! Thank you to all their members for being life savers as CFR’s can’t save lives without the support of others!

January News – Donation from Whitehouse Pharmacy

A massive thank you and congratulations to the staff at The Whitehouse Pharmacy on Market Street Penkridge !

They were inspired to raise funds for a good cause after an medical incident with one of their customers, which resulted in life saving actions being taken and the Defibrillator from the nearby Star public house being deployed to assist in the treatment.

Following the case, the staff used the occasion of the Victorian Fair as a means of raising funds by selling Hot Chocolate drinks to the general public. The money raised was then added too by the pharmacy owners, Harvey and Carol Northwood.

Many thanks go to Pharmacist Carol Haycock along with Pharmacy Assistants Amy Grimley and Julie Rowen, who are pictured here with Wendy Kilford and Neil Hawkins when they presented the cheque to our group.

It is fabulous testament of their dedication to the local community that the pharmacy staff of Julie, Amy and Carol took the actions on the day and subsequently wanted to raise funds.

We are very grateful they chose P&D CFR’s to donate the raised funds too.

Thank you to you all !

December News – Rotary Club support + Winter Tyres

Although there remains some restrictions on first aid and CPR/AED awareness (mainly related to rescue breaths) we hope to gradually be able to restart some sessions soon.

Thanks to the Rotary Club at Stafford Castle we will also be able to demonstrate how to help someone who is choking by using abdominal thrusts (what used to be called the Heimlich manoeuvre). The Rotary Club have funded two special training vests – one adult and one child – which enables actual practice to be carried out safely.

Thank you Stafford Rotarians for helping us save lives!

With the projected weather patterns showing more snow and low temperatures over the next few weeks we shall be swopping over to our set of winter tyres on our responder car. Not only does this make it safer for our volunteers but also means we can continue responding locally when conditions delay 999 ambulance attendance.

November News – Cannock Chase – A sense of Place

We are pleased to add the Cannock Chase Sense of Place logo to our website as along with our CFR colleagues in Rugeley and Cannock, our Penkridge team also respond to emergency calls within the Cannock Chase AONB.

Cannock Chase is a beautiful wilderness in the heart of the busy West Midlands, and one of Staffordshire’s most
visited and loved places.
So familiar to those who live and work here, it is easy to take it for granted. Yet it is a precious and fragile resource
that needs looking after, so that we can all continue to benefit from it environmentally, economically and socially.

We have also helped install 24/7 public accessible heart defibrillators within the area at Huntington Parish Centre and outside Fallow Forest Garden Centre & Café (Broadhurst Green). There are also heart defibrillators at the visitor centres.  Cyclists and other users might want to investigate the “What3Words” app as in case of an accident, this may help ambulance crews find you more easily.

Having witnessed the aftermath of a number of collisions between vehicles and deer on Cannock Chase, a reminder that there is a recommended 40mph maximum speed limit on Cannock Chase. Even this may be too fast as the deer are well camouflaged and may suddenly appear and run across the road giving you very little chance to react. Not only does this result in the death and injury of the deer but causes a surprising amount of damage to vehicles involved as well as possible trauma and shock for drivers and passengers. Be deer aware!

October News – ‘The Star’ defib deployed to local patient

Well done to everyone in Market Street involved with providing life saving CPR and having the defibrillator from outside the “Star” available earlier this week. We understand that the patient is now back at home.

Since P&DCFRs were established over 10 years ago, we have helped and encouraged the setting up of 24/7 public accessible heart defibrillators (AEDs) within Penkridge (15) and the neighbouring parishes (14) we also respond to.

Along with the local SJA, our CFR team have also provided local schools, community and church groups and many other residents with basic training in CPR and how to use an AED – but dont be afraid to use an AED even if you haven’t had training – the 999 operator will stay on the line and talk you through what to do – and the AED talks to you as well and wont let you deliver a shock if it isnt needed!

We now know of 2 more AEDS at Pillaton Farm entrance and also at their camp site (seasonal) – thank you to the site owners for becoming potential life savers!

September News – A big thank you to new and retiring volunteer responders !

This month sees us welcome several new responders to our volunteer team. They have completed their initial training with WMAS and once undertaken a number of shifts with an experienced CFR, will be going ‘live’ within the next couple of months and increasing our availability – especially important as the weather becomes more difficult and creates delays in 999 ambulance response times.

So a special welcome to Rob, Neil, Jim (who joins his wife Emma ) and Wendy (who joins her son Mark who is our CFR coordinator)

At the same time, we also say thank you to Mike and Steve for their service almost from the start of the CFR team 12 years ago. Although they will remain as Charity Trustees and part of the support team, they will no longer be continuing as actual responders.

We also say thank you to Denise – again continuing as a Trustee – but who will now be concentrating on her volunteer role as CO of our local RAF Cadets with a major role in cadet first aid training across Staffordshire

July News – Charity Excellence !

We are now approved as part of the Charity Excellence Framework and can add their logo to our website!

What does this mean?  It provides:

·         demonstrable evidence to stakeholders and funders of our commitment to excellence

·         reassurance for trustees that our charity is well run

·         recognition for our volunteers for what they are achieving

Thank you to all our responders, trustees and support team for their dedication especially when it has been so difficult over the last year!

May News – Monckton gets a new Defib !

The old 24/7 Heart Defibrillator (AED) at the Monckton has now been replaced with a new one. This was the second one to be installed in the village and actually saved a life within a week of being installed! Although we hope it is never needed, it is the type that can easily be reset to make it usable on younger children, especially important with the expansion of facilities at the sports centre.

Although P&DCFRs continue to need to raise funds for our normal operational running, this new AED is thanks to some dedicated funding from the estate of a former resident, Betty Hartshorne.

April News – South Staffs Sailing Club goes Public !

South Staffordshire Sailing Club have had an AED inside the clubhouse for several years – and this has already saved a life of a member who fell ill while out sailing on the reservoir.

Thank you to the Sailing Club committee and members for now making this publicly accessible 24/7.
They agreed to provide the electricity costs for heating the cabinet which was provided by the First Responders and funded from the Betty Hartshorne legacy.

This now means the life-saving equipment is available to members, visitors, fishermen and walkers in the area at all times even when the club premises are closed.

Click here to see map showing location of Community Defibrillation devices