AED now 24/7 at Pencric

The heart defibrillator at Pencric is now accessible 24/7 to the local public as well as residents. The cabinet is situated in the right side entrance porch – thank you to the management team for arranging this. Earlier this year this defibrillator was used successfully by staff to save a life!If you call 999 in the event of a cardiac arrest, you will be told if there is a heart defibrillator that can be reached and used before an ambulance can reach you. You will be told the access code and all you have to do is follow the instructions that the AED gives you.

Using our Fund Raising for the Community

Each year most of our fund raising is to simply run & equip our responder team & car to help at emergencies in our local village communities. We also receive donations towards first aid courses, certificate costs and AED training which at this present critical time we cannot provide.

Trustees have agreed it is appropriate to use some of this training fund to support Penkridge Round Table to make additional potentially life saving protective items such as masks, visors etc available where they are needed within our community and the hospital staff that are helping us.

We are sure that you will all understand and support this decision which potentially will help us and the Round Table to continue to save lives!

AED now 24/7 in St Modwena Way

The latest public access heart defibrillator (AED) is now ‘live’ in St Modwena Way (opposite Verdon Close).

Thank you to the homeowner, local residents, Bob Ratcliffe’s family and P&DCFR’s for making this possible!

If you live in the area, do check where it is – in the event of a sudden cardiac arrest you may be directed to collect this by 999 operators and given the code to open the cabinet. The AED will tell you what to do!

Thank you Co-op Shoppers !

Thank you to everyone who shopped at the Coop at Boscomoor over the last year. Using your membership card (and forgetting your shopping bags and buying one in store) raised over £4000 for us!

A fantastic amount that will not only keep our responder team operational but also enable us expand the number of 24/7 public accessible heart defibrillators in the area to save lives.The lives you are helping us save may be people you know!

New sites for donated lifesaving equipment

A super year for P&DCFR thanks to the support and generosity of our local community. Not only do we have our new car to stay operational in bad weather but are now able to help our secondary aim to add more 24/7 public access sites for heart defibrillators (AEDS) in the district.

This is possible though the  gift of three AEDS from family & friends in memory of former resident, Bob Ratcliffe, several more from WMAS “Staffordshire 1000” scheme plus special funding given to us that is restricted to “community resuscitation projects” such as cabinets and CPR/AED training.

The first new AED is already available  in Templars Way being accessible to Druids and Princefields areas. Two more will ‘go live’ this week – one will be outside “The Star” (with support from Round Table, Spoofers and customers) and the other at “The Swan at Whiston”  again with additional help from their customers.

Details of other sites will follow as they go live!

Find us on Facebook !

To all of you that follow us on Facebook – we still want to remain “friends” but our page is now simply called “Penkridge & District Community First Responders”  and with additional team members able to add information, we hope to keep you more up to date with what we are doing!

Even more Lifesavers !


Thank you to South Staffs Council for the opportunity to demonstrate CPR and defibrillators (AED) to the Let’s Work Together group at Codsall.

Opportunities were provided to try CPR – a vital part of the immediate action if someone isn’t breathing. As always there were people who were worried about using an AED but hopefully they went away with the confidence to use one if necessary and realised that the defib cant make a poor situation even worse!

Well done to even more potential lifesavers!