December News – Rotary Club support + Winter Tyres

Although there remains some restrictions on first aid and CPR/AED awareness (mainly related to rescue breaths) we hope to gradually be able to restart some sessions soon.

Thanks to the Rotary Club at Stafford Castle we will also be able to demonstrate how to help someone who is choking by using abdominal thrusts (what used to be called the Heimlich manoeuvre). The Rotary Club have funded two special training vests – one adult and one child – which enables actual practice to be carried out safely.

Thank you Stafford Rotarians for helping us save lives!

With the projected weather patterns showing more snow and low temperatures over the next few weeks we shall be swopping over to our set of winter tyres on our responder car. Not only does this make it safer for our volunteers but also means we can continue responding locally when conditions delay 999 ambulance attendance.

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