March News – New Fire Station AED

Another of the very old heart defibrillators and cabinets that were originally on the old fire station and moved to the current community station have also now been replaced.

The AED was constantly developing faults and the cabinet was no longer keeping it at the right temperature during cold weather.

Thanks to some funding from the nearby Coop at Boscomoor raised during 2020 along with the Betty Hartshorne legacy, a new cabinet and AED have been provided for the fire service to ensure consistent availability.

Click here to see map showing location of Community Defibrillation devices

February News – Thank you to Cadent Gas

Thank you to Cadent Gas for the grant to Penkridge & District CFRs from their community foundation!

Not heard of them?
The gas you use is provided by your familiar supplier but Cadent Gas owns, operates and maintains the largest natural gas distribution network in the United Kingdom, transporting gas to 11 million homes and businesses across West Midlands, North West England, East of England and North London.

This grant will help us maintain and expand the network of life saving 24/7 accessible heart defibrillators (AEDs) we have in the village.

Along with dedicated funds from the will of a former Penkridge resident, Betty Hartshorne, this enabled us to arrange for the very old AED and cabinet at Stone Cross to be replaced for the Parish Council.

Click here to see map showing location of Community Defibrillation devices

January News – What a strange 2020!

Some of our team have continued to respond to emergencies in support of our dedicated colleagues in the WMAS who have been under far greater pressure than normal.

WMAS have ensured we have had the correct PPE, made self-testing kits available and included CFRs in the planned early vaccination programme for front line crews.

Others of our team who for various reasons couldn’t carry out the front line responding role or first aid training have been involved in fund raising for PPE provision coordinated by the Round Table, helped with emergency deliveries, and assisted at testing centres.

Work to maintain and expand the provision of public access defibrillators has also continued.

Click here to see map showing location of Community Defibrillation devices

November News from Co-op

Many thanks to the customers of the Coop stores in Penkridge (Boscomoor) and Huntington who nominated P&DCFRs as their community charity over the last 12 months! Over £1400 has been raised to support our life saving work as we continue volunteering on the front line to help our WMAS ambulance crews during the current epidemic.

October News – new defib for Penkridge !

The latest public access defibrillator to be set up in Penkridge is situated outside Motorcade Car Dealership on the Stafford Road. Thank you to the owners and staff for providing a site for this life saving equipment and to the Ratcliffe family and the P&DCFR’s Resuscitation Fund for donating the AED and cabinet.

Our website currently has a map under development to show where local 24/7 AEDs are located – but when you call 999 they will tell you the  precise position if you are close enough to get it before an ambulance can reach you.
Click here to see map showing location of Community Defibrillation devices

AED now 24/7 at Pencric

The heart defibrillator at Pencric is now accessible 24/7 to the local public as well as residents. The cabinet is situated in the right side entrance porch – thank you to the management team for arranging this. Earlier this year this defibrillator was used successfully by staff to save a life!If you call 999 in the event of a cardiac arrest, you will be told if there is a heart defibrillator that can be reached and used before an ambulance can reach you. You will be told the access code and all you have to do is follow the instructions that the AED gives you.

Using our Fund Raising for the Community

Each year most of our fund raising is to simply run & equip our responder team & car to help at emergencies in our local village communities. We also receive donations towards first aid courses, certificate costs and AED training which at this present critical time we cannot provide.

Trustees have agreed it is appropriate to use some of this training fund to support Penkridge Round Table to make additional potentially life saving protective items such as masks, visors etc available where they are needed within our community and the hospital staff that are helping us.

We are sure that you will all understand and support this decision which potentially will help us and the Round Table to continue to save lives!